Still winding down from an incredible weekend at What the Festival in Oregon, where we brought the newest Registroid, Cherry, to play with all the people.

The Illuminated Forest was full of interactive and glowing art, the stages were thumping, around every corner were sensory delights, and the place was full of incredible artists and friendly people.

Thanks to all the crew and organizers for their tireless work and vision, and the guests who brought their good vibes and playful spirits.

It was a spectacular and inspiring place. Hopefully we’ll see you there next year :)


ThinkCubes at Dockside Green

by Scott on 2016/05/05

If you’ve been to Vic West during the day in the last few months, you may’ve noticed a giant structure of white cubes along Harbour Road at Dockside Green. They are called “ThinkCubes,” and they are far more interesting at night, when they become a giant, colourful, glowing, interactive light sculpture that reacts to motion.

Cool interactive art project in dockside green. #yyj

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In March we created V2.0, and reconfigured them to stay at Dockside Green for another few months to light up the landscape. We added a little more interactivity to them, made them taller, and tried out a few structural elements like archways and dangling cubes.

Thanks to Atomique Productions, Dockside Green, Thinklandia, Interarts, Adam Elliot, Joey Macdonald, Nic Vandergugten. Telus, Viatec.

Check out the video made during Rifflandia Last year about the building of the original cubes – by Kay Maria Gallivan and Joey Macdonald.

Watching people play warms our hearts <3


Musical Railings at TedxVictoria

by Scott on 2015/11/30

Back in September,we had the great fortune of winning a bid for a public art installation at the Yates Street Parkade in Downtown Victoria with our Musical Railings Project. In the coming months, we will be installing sensors and speakers on each of the floors of the parkade stairwell, creating a 6-story-tall interactive musical instrument.
Through October and November, we designed and built the prototypes for the project, and recently had the opportunity to share them at TedxVictoria‘s Active Space at City Hall. Hundreds of people passed through and played with the railings, testing out the sensors and the various sound banks. As is always the case with real-world testing, we gained some valuable insight to help move the project forward.
PK Sound Victoria graciously loaned us a fantastic speaker system for the weekend (which sounded amazing!!!) Byte Computers helped us out with a computer to run the system (Thanks!) and CloZee sent us stem tracks from one of her (incredible!!) songs that people could remix with the Musical Railings.
Over the next months, we’ll be finishing and installing the project, and are thrilled to have some amazing support from Limbic Media, One Net Studios and Atomique Productions. We’re looking forward to seeing the stairwell full of playful people, tapping out tunes. Nothing would make us happier :)


Cubelandia (Thinklandia/Rifflandia)

September 26, 2015

For this years Thinklandia Festival, we had the amazing opportunity to build a large scale light installation and environment atop the Yates Street Parkade. For the project, we turned 36 intermediate bulk shipping containers into controllable sound-responsive glowing LED cubes. Some were sound responsive, while others were touch responsive and wirelessly communicated the colours to […]

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The Amazing Philliphone @ Rifflandia Music Festival

March 5, 2015

In case you missed it, here is some footage we dug out of the archive of the launch of The Amazing Philliphone from the Rifflandia Music Festival in 2013. Since then, it has been up-and-running at the Phillips Brewery at 2010 Government St, Victoria, BC. Feel free to pop by and tickle it next time […]

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Scena ex Machina

February 12, 2015

Monkey C’s “Scena Ex Machina” show started Friday at the Bay Centre as part of this year’s Victoria Film Festival. It is a collection of four vintage machines that have been modified into interactive sculptures, inspired by sci-fi films. One is an old 1950′s cash register that plays music and movie quotes with sound responsive […]

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December 14, 2014

It Lives!!!! The Registroid is a mutant vintage cash register that is a playable, interactive electro-house looping machine that made its first appearance at Tedx Victoria in 2014. The piece started as a National Cash Register from 1941 and was converted it into a midi controller using an Arduino microcontroller. The antennae are sound-responsive leds […]

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National Cash Register modification

December 1, 2014

Some pics of the vintage cash register becoming the Registroid.

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The Rocktopus

September 19, 2014

The Rocktopus is an interactive audio sculpture created for the Rifflandia Festival. It has LED lights and pressure sensors installed that allow users to create percussive sounds by stepping on the legs. Essentially, it’s a giant drum machine. It was installed over the festival for beta testing, and stress testing and managed to survive being […]

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The Amazing Philli-phone

September 18, 2014

Behind the scenes footage of The Amazing Philli-phone auto-playing “Entry of the Gladiators” for the first time. The Amazing Philliphone is an 1889 Chicago Cottage Pump Organ that was modified to play beer bottles with various actuators, fans, servos and microcontrollers. It was created and built for Phillips Brewing Company by Scott Amos, David Parfit […]

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