Synaesthesiatron @ Rifflandia Music Festival 2012

by Scott on 2012/09/26


The Synaesthesiatron v1.0 is an 8′ x 3′ LED screen that users interact with gesturally. The system tracks the hand positions of up to 2 users, and uses that information to light up portions of the LED screen and trigger audio files, allowing users to remix the song “Keep it Round” by LongWalkShortDock. When no users are present, it displays a graphic representation of incoming sound.

Version 2.0 of the Synaesthesiatron will be in on display at TEDx Victoria 2012, and will include a wider selection of sounds and songs to remix.

The Synaesthesiatron was created by Monkey C Interactive (Scott Amos + David Parfit) with the help of Josh Pierrot, using motion tracking and light control software developed by Limbic Media. Music for v1.0 was created by longwalkshortdock.

Thanks to: Olio Cooperative, Joey MacDonald, MediaNet,,, longwalkshortdock, and Rifflandia.

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