ThinkCubes at Dockside Green

by Scott on 2016/05/05

If you’ve been to Vic West during the day in the last few months, you may’ve noticed a giant structure of white cubes along Harbour Road at Dockside Green. They are called “ThinkCubes,” and they are far more interesting at night, when they become a giant, colourful, glowing, interactive light sculpture that reacts to motion.

In March we created V2.0, and reconfigured them to stay at Dockside Green for another few months to light up the landscape. We added a little more interactivity to them, made them taller, and tried out a few structural elements like archways and dangling cubes.

Thanks to Atomique Productions, Dockside Green, Thinklandia, Interarts, Adam Elliot, Joey Macdonald, Nic Vandergugten. Telus, Viatec.

Check out the video made during Rifflandia Last year about the building of the original cubes – by Kay Maria Gallivan and Joey Macdonald.

Watching people play warms our hearts <3

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