Dr. X’s Most Impressive Organ

by Scott on 2013/03/12

Our  newest project, which you can check it out this week at the Belfry Theatre during the Spark Festival, is an interactive sense-organ. It is a modified organ that samples sounds, alters them, and maps them to the keys for playback. The keys also trigger  fans to blow alluring scents at the user, light up leds, and play sexy 70′s mood-music.
It was created over the last couple months with the team at Limbic Media, and is installed this week as a mini-play during the Spark Festival with the cheeky tagline: “Dr. X’s Most Impressive Organ is so bawdy, so raunchy, so utterly carnal, that I urge those of you who are puritanical, victorian, goody-goody, prissy, prudish, straight-laced, or upright to forgo witnessing this exhibit!”

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